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Kelly McMillan
Kelly McMillan

About Kelly McMillan

Kelly McMillan owner of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Inc which manufactures fiberglass gun stocks and is the parent company of McCubed LLC which makes and sells high tech polymer stocks and ELRhq.com, an online store specializing in long range and extreme long range shooting gear.  He is also the past owner of McMillan Firearms, life member of several hunting and conservation minded organizations as well as the NRA. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Mule Deer Organization. And, he is the host of the Taking Stock with Kelly McMillan Radio Show.

If you hunt, or compete in Shooting Sports,you know the McMillan name has been synonymous with Top Tier quality and design. Kelly’s father Gale McMillan, began manufacturing McMillan Fiberglass Stocks in 1973 out of the family home’s garage.

In 1975, the Marine Corps McMillan stocks for their Scout Sniper Program. Kelly started working in the Family Business back in1975 and along with being the first full time stock fabricator, he initiated the many successful marketing and sales campaigns that, until today, have grown the business to over 65 employees producing 12,000+ stocks a year.

Kelly supports many Hunting/Conservation foundations as well as many Competition Shooters and Matches, including F-Class, the fastest growing rifle sport in the World. He also has been on the forefront of promoting ELR – Extreme Long Range competition events working with the Leaders in these classes to develop custom stocks specific to these applications.   Kelly is an avid hunter who has brought home Cape Buffalo and Kudu from Africa, and Elk, Moose, and Brown Bear from North America.

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