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Katy Brown

About Katy Brown

Katy Brown is the owner of a personal safety company called Defensive Reality. She is married with 2 kids and has a passion for making people safe in their every day lives.
Katy started in the financial industry for 15 years.  When she quit her CFO job the passion for personal safety found her in 2014. When Katy’s husband, Nick, introduced her to the founder of A Girl and A Gun, Julianna Crowder, Katy not only became an instructor, but the only AGAG Facilitator in Eastern Washington, Idaho and MT.
Once Katy started teaching women and seeing their confidence grow and build under Katy’s instruction, her dedication to this calling grew stronger and she realized she had a passion for keeping people safe and giving them the confidence to be their own heroes.

Which led to the development of Defensive Reality. Along with her partners, Dan Ritchie and Alicia Ogle, Katy has created Defensive Reality’s unique approach to training in that they offer personal safety training opportunities to people regardless of their chapter or walk of life.

Says Katy, “One of our classes requires no physical interaction or weapons. We offer students strategies to use their brain to mitigate dangerous situations.

Defensive Reality

There are 3 partners that started Defensive Reality. Dan Ritchie, Alicia Ogle, and Katy Brown.

Next, we offer a physical self defense training opportunity, giving students easy ways to make their bodies work for them. There is no requirement for martial arts or pressure points to get away and make distance from possible predators.

Finally, is our firearms training spans from non-intimidating beginner classes to situational and decision making. Students may either progress through our training phases or with prior training documentation, may jump into any class as their skills allow.

Each training opportunity is designed to challenge skills and change the paradigm of the word victim. There are NO victims! Predators are looking for Targets, with training, everyone can become a harder Target. If someone has successfully avoided or survived an attack, they are now a HERO!”

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