Our Guests: Joshua Hocieniec

Josh Hocieniec 4.09.16
Joshua Hocieniec

About Joshua Hocieniec

Joshua Hocieniec is the Director of Personnel and Training for LionHeart Security Services, a security staffing and consulting agency in Phoenix, Arizona.

A former Marine Intelligence Analyst, Josh has been in the private security field since 2000 and specializes in healthcare security and security training.

He is an NRA certified firearms instructor, Arizona armed guard instructor, and a range safety officer. Josh has developed several training programs including Management of Aggressive Persons 1&2 and an Active Threat program for businesses and community organizations.  He has a wife and two young children, and is an active volunteer in the Cub Scouts with his son.  He is a strong advocate for the Second Amendment, and also runs Armed Defense Instruction, a private firearms training organization teaching firearms safety and marksmanship to the public.

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