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Jon Harris 1.28.17
Jon Harris

About Jon Harris

Jon Harris has been in the law enforcement field for over three decades.  He has worked in municipal, county and federal law enforcement.  A retired Army NCO who was at the fall of the Berlin Wall, and served during the first Gulf War. He became Chief of Military Police Investigations at Ft Dix NJ before leaving the US Army.

Jon Harris 1.28.17a

Joh Harris of OpsLens

Jon returned to law enforcement working drug interdiction and 2011 was selected to go to Afghanistan and Iraq as a security contractor where he searched for IEDs and narcotics as a K9 handler. Jon is married to his wife of 35 years and has one son, a graduate of United States Military Academy at West Point, who is  a Captain in the United States Army. He holds a BA in Politics and Government and an MS in Criminal Justice.

Jon is a published author and regular contributor to both DispatchFromDownRange.com and Opslens.com

DispatchFromDownRange.com  is a compilation of articles about the day to day life of an American security contractor working in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Jon Harris was a counter narcotics and counter explosives K9 handler supporting the US mission in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2011 through 2014.  He writes about the actual things that went on from a firsthand standpoint.  Each article, all posted from the war zone as it was happening, gives the reader a rarely seen view of what it is like to work and live in the most dangerous places on the planet.


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