Our Guests: Joey “Rocketshoes” Dillon

Joey Dillon 12.05.15
Joey “Rocketshoes” Dillon

About Joey “Rocketshoes” Dillon

Joey “Rocketshoes” Dillon – “Hollywood Gun Coach and World Champion Trick Gun Handler Joey Dillon” AND Owner / Operator of Rocketshoes Vintage Garage

Joey Dillon is a multiple World Champion at the art of trick gun handling and is Hollywood’s go to guy for training actors to look good with a gun on many recent films. He has also made appearances in front of the camera as an expert discussing the history of the firearms he uses and the men who used them. He has been seen on the History, Discovery, Biography, and Military Channels as well as Spike T.V. and a few others. When not working in Hollywood Joey travels the globe with his stage act consisting of comedy, history, music, and tons of trick gun handling. A unique variety of God given talents rolled into one performance.

Joey Dillon has an array of T.V. and Film credits to help promote your event and peak the interests of any audience. On top of that, once the audience fills the seats, the live one man gunslinger stage show continues to capture their interest and imagination. It is comedically and verbally driven so while spinning, slinging, and juggling the six-guns around Joey Dillon continues to talk and joke and even grabs a couple audience members to come up and help out. It is a combination of elements taken from almost 20 years of performing to create a show about cowboy gunhandling that is entertaining for everyone of all ages even if you’re not a gun lover or history nut.


“Motorcycles, Cars, Bicycles, Vintage Trailers, Old Machinery, Movie Props, and on it goes!  If it is old or vintage my shop wants to fix it or make it. Established in 2007 Rocketshoes’ Vintage Garage is a licensed and insured Bureau of Automotive Repair facility (BAR# 275904) that is virtually a one stop shop for all of  your needs, whether it is a full or partial restoration. Metalwork, body, paint, electrical, fabrication, interiors, fiberglass, etc. This is not a shop with a crew and 10 jobs going on at once. This is a small shop with myself and sometimes a helper. I do most of the work myself and when needed farm out services to those in the industry I trust. With that said, you can expect very personal service and a lot of attention to detail. I do not take in more work than I can handle so you don’t have your car sitting untouched while other projects get done instead. I take in a little work at a time so I can stick to my word and timeline. Reputation over profit. Relationships over business. These are things that are more important than getting rich. I get repeat business because of that fact. I have a passion for what I do and God has blessed me to do it well.”

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