Our Guests: Joanne Osborne, AZ State Representative

Joanne Osborne, AZ State Representative
Joanne Osborne, AZ State Representative

About Joanne Osborne, AZ State Representative

Joanne Osborne is an AZ State Representative and a small business owner.

Joanne’s deep roots in Arizona have led to a strong passion for solving Arizona issues and ensuring younger generations inherit a state with a bright future.

By working in both the public and private sector, Joanne understands how a pro-business environment, fiscal responsibility, high-quality education system and water security lead to a high quality of life in the desert.

Joanne served on the Goodyear City Council for 11 years and was elected by her colleagues as the City of Goodyear’s Vice Mayor from June 2011 until June 2013. Prior to running for Goodyear City Council, Joanne served for six years as a member of the Goodyear Planning & Zoning Commission. Joanne was a member of the first graduating class of Goodyear’s Police Citizen Academy.

In July of 2013, she attended and graduated from Harvard University’s “Senior Executives in State and Local Government” program. Joanne was the recipient of Leadership West’s “Outstanding Business Leader of the Year” award in 2016. In 2019, Joanne was awarded the Legislator of the Year by the Arizona Manufacturing Council; was awarded Impact Leader of the Year, by Meals of Joy, and awarded Champion of Arizona Cities and Towns.

Joanne has demonstrated a deep commitment to Arizona’s youth by mentoring teens and headed the YMCA’s Teen Action Council for many years. Under her leadership, this program was recognized by Westmarc at the Best of the West Awards under the “Leadership of an Organization” category in 2009. She was also the past Vice President of the Homeless Youth Connection Board of Directors. Her efforts continued as she spearheaded the Goodyear’s annual education summit, “Building Blocks to Great Schools” and an elementary level reading competition, known as the “City of Goodyear Reading Challenge”, promoting the importance of reading in kindergarten through eighth grade.”

Joanne serves the Abrazo West Hospital Campus Governing Board. Currently Representative Osborne serves as the Vice Chairman of Military & Veterans Affairs, State Committee Member of Land and Agriculture, and the Ways and Means Committee.
From Joanne: “My life has been one of a Solid Foundation, Hard Work, Excellent Decisions and Love. The ugliness of politics is something in which I will not engage. Leaders who are Statesmen, who have a history and proven outcomes for their decisions are needed now more than ever. This is not weakness; this is Unmovable Strength:

• Married 33 Years & 4 Children – Strong Family
• Business Owner 30 Years – Strong Success
• City of Goodyear Councilmember – Strong Decision Maker

#22 Best City to Live Money Magazine & Wall Street Journal >95% satisfaction rating by Goodyear Citizens
#14 Fastest Growing City In America – Census
Thousands and Thousands of New Jobs

• Champion of Teenagers – Strong Mentor
• Board Member, current & past – Strong Commitment to Community
• Abrazo Hospital, SW Valley Chamber of Commerce, Homeless Youth Connection, Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, YMCA,
• Teen Action Council and more
• Thirteen years of making decisions for Public Safety, Strong Protector – Police, Fire, Border, and Second Amendment

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