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Jen OHara
Jen O’Hara

About Jen O’Hara

Jen O’Hara is the co-founder and CEO of the successful apparel company, Girls with Guns®, along with her best friend and business partner, Norissa Harman. Jen is also the co-host of the TV show “Girls with Guns® TV” and is both spirited and passionate about conservation and hunting.

Proud of her small town, country girl heritage, Jen O’Hara is best known for her strong work ethic and her drive to make things happen! She stands strong for her beliefs and supports just causes. She is active and skilled in her sport and career and is impassioned to share and empower others. Always daring to go beyond expectations and exploring the unknown, Jen is not your typical “American Woman at Work”, but she will take you outside your box and make sure you enjoy every minute of it!

Jen is also the Executive Director of Kids Outdoor Sports Camp in CA. Kids Outdoor Sports Camp (KOSC) is dedicated to building youngsters outdoor skills enabling them to engage in hunting and fishing opportunities, understand the importance of wildlife conservation management, learn to appreciate natural resources, and preserve our fishing and hunting heritage.

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