Our Guests: Jason Swarr of Skillset Magazine

Jason Swarr of Skillset Magazine

About Jason Swarr of Skillset Magazine

Jason Swarr is a veteran Marine, the owner of Terror Trader, Straight 8 Photography, and the founder and owner of Skillset Magazine.

From Jason:

  • Grew up an 80’s skate punk in West Virginia
  • Hated politicians but always loved my country so I joined the Marines in 1991
  • Started out as a parachute rigger (0451) but wanted to challenge myself so I became an 0321 (Reconnaissance Marine) in 1998
  • Fought in Somalia in 1993 and invaded Iraq in 2003
  • Part of 1st Recon Bn during the war
  • HBO did a mini series about my unit called Generation Kill (I’m in episode 6)
  • Was a Recon Instructor and a Military Free Fall Instructor
  • Have just under 3000 parachute jumps
  • Retired after 20 years in 2011
  • Contracted as a Free Fall instructor overseas and also taught at the CAG (Delta) and Devgru (Seal Team 6) courses for 2 years
  • Started a firearms photo studio called Straight 8 Photography in 2013. Have shot well over 200 magazine covers for the gun industry (all self taught)
  • Started Skillset Magazine in 2016 just to see if we could produce a national publication
  • Was picked up by publisher, AMG Parade (Athlon Outdoors) in 2018 and have been distributing 140,000 copies worldwide every issue.
  • Married 18 years with 1 teenage kid
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt

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