Our Guests: Jason Jameson of Lost Gravity Games

Jason Jameson, Lost Gravity Games
Jason Jameson of Lost Gravity Games

About Jason Jameson of Lost Gravity Games

Jason Jameson is the son-in-law of our hosts, Dan & Cheryl Todd. Jason is also the co-founder of Lost Gravity Games. In the age of video games, board games have made a huge come-back as people have become hungry for more in-person interactions and social get-togethers.

Family business values run deep, and Jason’s co-founder is his cousin Clint Bishop. Together, Jason and Clint started Lost Gravity Games in 2019 to create and promote board games.

Jason focuses on the growing and expanding the social media side of the company while Clint is heading up board game development.

From Jason: “I have a beautiful wife, Cassie Todd-Jameson, and 2 amazing daughters, Raelynn and Kinsley. Dan and Cheryl Todd, the hosts of Gun Freedom Radio, are my in-laws and we love to get together whenever possible and play board games together. I love learning and teaching new games to anyone that is willing to play. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Systems Security and currently work in IT.”

To contact Lost Gravity Games directly please email: lostgravitygames@gmail.com

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