Our Guests: Jared Raman of Got Your 6 App

Got Your 6 App Creator, Jared Ramen
Jared Raman of Got Your 6 App

About Jared Raman of Got Your 6 App

Jared Raman is the owner of “Got Your 6” – a mobile app designed to assist gun owners with organizing with like minded people in their community for when tyranny presents itself.

Jared has been a 2A lobbyist/activist in the state of Nevada and created the Got Your 6 company when the state legislature passed the red flag law in 2019 (Assembly Bill 291).

From the The Got Your 6 Mobile App website: “Create a network of your closest friends, local attorney’s, local FFL’s, those with media outreach to get your story out first and any other trusted person.  You have the ability to create your network as large or as small as you wish.

If your 2nd amendment rights are actively being violated or your right to life, liberty and property are in jeopardy, simply activate the “Initiate Freedom” button to immediately notify your fellow patriots that their assistance is needed.  All members of your Patriot Group(s) will receive instant notification with your current registered location and you will be notified when they are on their way.

Join the app to gain lists of trusted 2nd Amendment attorneys throughout the country, a national gun show schedule and national legislative information.  

You can also upload your own events and any pertinent information about your states 2nd Amendment rights. If you find yourself needing legal assistance have a group member start a gofundme that will be broadcast nationwide to every* member of the app!

Got Your 6 is an app like nothing else on the market to be able to effectively fight these battles and put the power back into the hands of the individual.  We no longer have to sit on the sidelines wondering what we can do to help.  You can help right here, right now, on all fronts. If we ALL do not start getting involved very quickly our Right to Keep and Bear Arms will be nothing but a story we tell to future generations. The work we put in today will pay dividends for our children and our children’s children. Join now and see for yourself the measurable impact that Got Your 6 is having on our 2nd Amendment rights.”

“When tyranny comes to your neighborhood, the only thing that can stop it is like minded people working together to overcome it.” – Jared Raman

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