Our Guests: Eric Watson of Watson’s Hat Shop

Eric Watson of Watson's Hat Shop
Eric Watson of Watson’s Hat Shop

About Eric Watson of Watson’s Hat Shop

Eric Watson is a small business owner in Cave Creek, AZ. His Watson’s Hat Shop is a slice of American history and ingenuity and grew out of Eric’s love of Indiana Jones and that iconic hat and hero. At one point, Eric was the youngest master hat maker in the country.

Eric is a Christian and has a love of our nation and the Constitutional protections, including our Second Amendment, that we inherited from our Founding Fathers.

In our August 2020 interview with Eric titled “The Christian and The Constitution” Eric refers to an extensively researched PowerPoint Presentation that he developed. You can find that here. UN Involvement in the Cashless US Society

From Eric: “As our nation comes to a cross road of traditional patriotism and globalism our faith as Christians is tested and will continue to be tested. Prayer is always important and as Christians and as One Nation Under God we need to pray that our country turns back to God. The reason that we see elected officials supporting globalism and communist activities is because we lack God in our schools, our places of work, and government. I firmly believe through this time of the world unveil that we will be tested in many ways.”

Eric has a dual degree from two different colleges, one in International Diplomacy and Peace Studies and one in Aviation Technology with a specialty in professional piloting and holds his commercial Multi Engine pilots license.

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