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Cyn Ladd

About Cyn Ladd

Cyn Ladd is the District Manager for the State of Arizona for US LawShield.
She is also a member of the DC Project: Women dedicated to safeguarding our Right to keep and bear arms, and in that capacity speaks at the AZ Capitol in front of Senate & House committees regarding firearm legislation and 2nd Amendment issues.
Cynthia is a fearless woman who has learned how to dance among the china when she would rather be a wrecking ball. “I had to learn at a very early age how to read the room & the people in it. Growing up with an undiagnosed learining disability, dyslexia and ADHD was horrible yet a lifesaving gift”
Cynthia has had a passion for helping other women who have dealt with low self-esteem and fearful living because of her own struggles early in life. She helps women become mindful of their environment and teaches them personal protection skills including defensive firearm skills.
Cyn is a NRA Instructor in Basics of Pistol Shooting, Personal Protection in the Home, Refuse To Be A Victim and a Range Safety Officer.
She has taught CCW Classes in Arizona, Minnesota and Utah.

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