Our Guests: Brian Robbins / Vypin’s safeTstrap

Brian Robbins
Brian Robbins / Vypin’s safeTstrap

About Brian Robbins / Vypin’s safeTstrap

Brian Robbins who is the VP of Sales at Vypin where he is taking his experience in the technology industry to help make sure that our kids are safe. Vypin’s safeTstrap, an electronic, wireless gun lock that alerts gun owners when it has been moved, cut, or opened without authorization, and has the potential to save thousands of children’s lives per year.

Brian’s efforts have been instrumental in launching Vypin’s  safeTstrap, that has alerts that include a siren in the home as well as text messages and push notifications to the safeTstrap mobile app.

Brian is a gun owner and a 2nd Amendment Supporter. He is licensed to carry concealed in the state of Georgia for self-defense. In his spare time, Brian is active in the Atlanta swimming community, and is passionate about empowering kids and adults alike to get in the water.

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