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Brent Hamachek
Brent Hamachek

About Brent Hamachek

Brent Hamachek is a member of the Advisory Council for Turning Point USA and the co-author, along with Turning Point Founder, Charlie Kirk, of “Time for A Turning Point-Setting a Course for Free Markets and Limited Government for Future Generations.”

Segueway Solutions

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Brent founded his own business consulting practice, Segueway, in early 2000.  Since then he has had over 140 engagements in more than 70 industries.  He specializes in solving problems others have been unable to solve.

Prior to co-authoring “A Time for A Turning Point”, Brent had written six booklets for Turning Point, including “Capitalism Cures” which is a social justice defense of free markets and has been reprinted in Spanish.  Brent speaks at businesses and college campuses around the country on  variety of topics.

Book Time for a Turning Point

Book: Time For A Turning Point, by Charlie Kirk & Brent Hamacheck

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