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James "Aaargo Jay" Henry
Aaargo Jay

About Aaargo Jay

Aaargo Jay is a gun enthusiast and 2nd Amendment Civil Rights activist. He began his journey in the firearms world as a YouTube personality. He was best known for his “Why I Needed my AR15” video. The video highlights the events surrounding him having to potentially use his AR15 to defend his family.
Aaargo is a public school educator and father of three. His passion for the 2nd Amendment is what led him notice the differential treatment between Black Americans and the rest of the American populous when it comes to firearms. He wrote a documentary called BlackOPS. BlackOPS stands for Black Opinion in Popular Society. Its main focus is to change the perception of Black Americans, specifically Black males, in regards to firearms.
In order to support the funding of his documentary, Aaargo Jay has come out with an AR15 rifle of his own. It’s called, the Bravo  Oscar. Bravo Oscar is the military phonetic spelling of the documentary’s title initials; B.O. or Black-OPS. He’s partnered with American Defense MFG to build the rifle and the proceeds from the rifle will fo to help fund the documentary.
Follow the progress of the GoFundMe crowd-funded film at these hashtags:
Aaargo says of himself “I am a Gun Guy, father and educator. Call me what you will, as long as it’s American.”

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