Human Rights versus California Politicians- which right of self-defense do we have?, by Greg Hopkins & Rob Morse

Human Rights versus California Politicians- which right of self-defense do we have? by Greg Hopkins and Rob Morse

Greg Hopkins is the author of A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism

Rob Morse, author of the SlowFacts Blog

Is there a human right to self-defense?  The answer might change once Republicans control the federal government.  Legislative and judicial decision will rest on who makes the rules rather than who makes the best arguments.  The argument will not be if there is a right of self-defense, but rather which particular right of self-defense is recognized. Here is what is at stake.

As a concrete and current example, California can regulate the cars that California citizens can drive. So far, you can visit California with a “non-California compliant” car.  California applies a different standard to visiting gun owners.  California does not recognize any other states’ concealed carry permits.  California also requires customized guns and ammunition, just as they require customized automobiles.  California refuses to recognize your right to self defense.

Police StopIn California, even local governments have the right to infringe on your right to self-defense.  You don’t have much of a right left if the state, county, and city can establish their own regulations.  It shouldn’t surprise you that California state politicians and the police are exempt from these same firearms regulations.

California gun laws are stranger still. It seems that some “local control” is approved, but some local control isn’t.  Regulation only goes one way.  One government body can say “some guns are outlawed”, but a second government body can not say “everyone must be armed” because guns save lives.

Before you think a law like that is absurd, remember that there is already legal precedent for exactly such a law.  The US Supreme Court recently ruled that citizens can be forced to buy health insurance. Therefore, citizens can also be forced to buy firearms, and be fined if they don’t. “It’s only a tax.” to quote Chief Justice Roberts.  You see, rules matter after all. (READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE)

Article originally published on 12.29.16, and has been reposted on Gun Freedom Radio Blog with permission.

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