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Gun Freedom Radio’s Co-Host, Cheryl Todd, now writes a regular monthly article on Women’s Outdoor News (WON). The following blog article titled “Mom Taught Us To Share” about Gun Bloggers is her first submission.

Can’t you just hear your mom telling you to Share? How much do we delight in telling a good secret? What a feeling of power and accomplishment do we get from teaching someone something new that they never knew before? We all KNOW these things, but how often do we ACT on them?

Never before in History have we had a greater opportunity to share knowledge with people! Never before have you or I been in a position to be a Leader, a Teacher, and a source of Information and Influence!  And…here is the magic of it…we don’t even have to be scholars ourselves…all we have to do is “Share”!

There is a huge wealth of knowledge out there, so many intelligent voices, and brilliant articles – and many of them are ones you have read and learned from – but, then you move along, and line your proverbial birdcage with those articles and blogs, when you COULD have shared them with a friend or two (or 1,000) with the click of a button. Pic 2 birdcage-media

Many of our best and brightest voices in the Pro-Rights 2nd Amendment Community research and write for free. They do it out of a love for our country, a passion for protecting our Rights for future generations, and a desire to bridge that legacy from our forefathers to our future grandchildren in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. And, while these bright and talented people are driven by a volunteer spirit, we can help them to feel our support and encourage them to continue their endeavors by simply SHARING their work, their words, and their wisdom with our friends.  Pic 3 baton pass FEATURED PHOTO

I am sure you have your favorites, but how do they know that they are your favorites? Have you “Liked” their posts, or are you afraid that others will see that you supported something controversial? Have you “Subscribed” so you can stay in the loop, and left a “Comment” of encouragement or were you too quick to jump off to read the next blog? Have you “Shared” a recipe for fruitcake, but not for Freedom? These simple acts are the currency, if you will, of the modern-day Journalist, Podcaster, Blogger, and Vlogger – you consume their work for free, and they are happy to do it, but you can PAY these people a compliment, and SUPPORT their efforts when you click, comment, and pass along their work to others.

Here is a quick 5 Step Plan for keeping these people around, and letting them know their work matters, and that we are electronically applauding their efforts.  Pic 4 Applause Emoji

#1) Like

#2) Subscribe

#3) Comment

#4) Share

#5) Repeat           Pic 5 like-subscribe-comment-and-share

One of my favorite writers has been in the business of writing for free for most of his life. Jeff Knox, of The Knox Update and The Firearms Coalition (and also the son of Neal Knox), has this to say about reaching people beyond our Community and influencing those who may be on the fence about the Second Amendment, or simply uninformed about the key issues as we come into an election season:

“Sharing is caring. If you care about it, share about it.

Sharing is activism. It distributes important information and it supports the people and causes you care about.

I have a huge potential audience through These are generally friendly conservatives, but many of them have little knowledge or interest in firearms. They’re natural allies for the rights movement, but their lack of knowledge means that they’re likely to fall for Trojan horses like closing the “gun show loophole,” expanded background checks, and restrictions on “assault weapons.”  I think it’s important to reach and educate these people, but WND promotes based on traffic. The more traffic I get to my columns, the more WND will promote my stuff. If I can’t keep traffic up on my columns there, I could lose the opportunity to post there.”

And the ever-pithy Rob Morse, of SlowFacts Blog has these easy to remember tips:

Imitation Reposting is the sincerest form a flattery.

Please share this article with a friend. They might enjoy it as much as you did.

Of course you should share this article. How else will your friends enjoy it?

Sharing his work is a non-monetary way to pay the author.

Finally, the incomparable Alan Korwin, of Page Nine Blog as The Uninvited Ombudsman encourages us in his article on “Tactics That Work” to tap into our can-do American spirit and not fall prey to a defeatist attitude of thinking that a single “Like” or “Share” won’t make a difference. “Sometimes people tell me they can’t do much because, ‘Hey, I’m only one person!’ Well, we’re all only one person. That’s how it works. Now get busy!”

Don’t have a favorite Blogger yet?  In addition to Jeff Knox, Rob Morse, and Alan Korwin mentioned above, here is a very short list of some trusted and influential names in the 2A Community (there are many, many others and my apologies for not being able to include all of them):

Barbara Baird – Women’s Outdoor News (WON)

Kenn Blanchard – Black Man With A Gun Blog / Where Patriots Speak

Carrie Lightfoot – The Well-Armed Woman Blog (TWAW)

David Codrea – The War On Guns Blog

Dave Workman –

John Richardson – No Lawyers, Just Money and Guns Blog

Stephen Wenger – Defensive Use Of Firearms Digest

Miguel Gonzalez – Blog

Melody Lauer – Melody Lauer Blog

Natalie Foster – Girls Guide To Guns Blog

Sean Sorrentino – NCGunBlog

Laura Carno – Conservative Solutions

Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership – DRGO Blog

The Polite Society Podcast – Politics and Guns – Shooting Sports News Blog

Top Ten Gun Blogs For Women

Gun Blogs Ranked By Viewership – hint, hint…you can directly impact this list if you follow the 6 steps above)

Oh…and then there is me, Cheryl Todd – GunFreedomRadio Podcast & The Flame Blog

There is a voice out there to suit every taste. Find the ones that speak to your interest and feeds your passion. Continue to enjoy their work for free, but PAY them with your encouragement and support.

Pic 6 Passing the key


Make your mom proud and in the words of Rob Morse:

Share the wealth knowledge.

Share the wealth passion.

Share the wealth insight.

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