Our Guests: Garret Walliman of S4SD

Garret Walliman of S4SD

About Garret Walliman of S4SD

Garret Walliman of Students For Self Defense S4SD

Founding member and board member for Students for Self-Defense (national) and adviser for Students for Self-Defense at ASU.

From Garret, “I was born in Arizona and have been involved in the sport of shooting since I was 12. I believe strongly in the importance for every student to be prepared for defending themselves and others in the real world, and in students rights to use any tools or methods of self-defense they choose. Founded Students for Self-Defense with Jacob Pritchett in 2015.In addition to this, I am a software engineer and freelancer.”

S4SD: Students For Self Defense at ASU

S4SD: Students For Self Defense at ASU

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