Gun Freedom Radio Show Guests

Scott Johnson 4.1.17

Scott Johnson – Inventor of Tacticatch

Scott Johnson, Inventor of TactiCatch AR Rifle Retention System The Tacticatch is the fastest way to secure and retrieve your AR rifle while keeping it from swinging away from your body and getting in the way. The TactiCatch is designed to be an improved mechanism for carrying and securing a rifle since slings only hold […]

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Dan Wos 4.1.17

Dan Wos

Dan Wos is the author of Good Gun Bad Guy: Behind The Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical, the book that destroys the anti-gun Left and exposes all their lies and propaganda. Dan is an American entrepreneur, real estate investor, musician and NRA member. Dan writes for American Military News and does speaking events across the […]

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Tamara Brown 3.25.17

Tamara Brown

Tamara Brown wears many hats as a advocate for safe and responsible female firearms ownership and empowerment. She is a member of both The Well Armed Woman and A Girl and A Gun, she was featured as the 2016 Shooting Woman of June for Live Love Load and an advocate for their She’s Packin Heat campaign […]

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Mary Hagen 3.19.16

Mary Hagen

  Mary Hagen is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for business, fashion and the outdoors. An avid huntress, and fierce business woman, Hagen sought to fill a gap in the fashion industry – – women’s hunting and outdoors sports apparel. Today with a proprietary brand, cutting edge camouflage pattern, and a team of talented designers, Mary has been […]

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Tim Bero 3.25.17

Tim Bero of TNW Firearms

Tim Bero President of TNW Firearms, maker of the Aero Survival Rifle (ASR) a compact and lightweight rifle and built to disassemble quickly, making this pistol the ideal firearm for anyone who is concerned with safety or interested in outdoor activities. Tim designs and manufactures weapons systems and has been in the industry for 22 […]

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