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Rod Rodriguez 11.04.17a

Michael “Rod” Rodriguez

Michael “Rod” Rodriguez is a retired Special Forces Green Beret Sniper and Medic, deployed 9 times over 21 years. A proponent of Art Therapy, after getting injured during his last deployment, Rod turned to blacksmithing to aid in his recovery.  Rod is also one of only a handful of people who has had their portrait painted […]

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Frank DeSomma

Frank Desomma is the owner of Patriot Ordnance Factory – POF-USA was the first company to take the gas piston AR to market and has been leading the way with their revolutionary platform innovations ever since.  

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David Cole former US Army officer, police officer and SWAT officer and contributor to Kenn Blanchard's Black Man With A Gun website.

Dave Cole

David Cole former US Army officer, police officer and SWAT officer and contributor to Kenn Blanchard’s Black Man With A Gun website. Says Dave, “I currently work in corporate security at a major financial services company, and teach firearms and personal safety as president of Aegis Solutions LLC.  Aegis Solutions LLC is an equal opportunity training […]

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Chris Bird 12.12.15

Chris Bird

Chris Bird, Author of Surviving A Mass Killer Rampage: When Seconds Count The Police Are Still Minutes Away & Thank God I Had A Gun. Chris has been a journalist for 35 years and a handgun shooter for more than 50. He was born in England and his interest in shooting has steered him through […]

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Chuck Holton 6.11.16

Chuck Holton

Chuck Holton is the host of “Frontlines” an NRA TV Series, is American war correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network, and a published author, and motivational speaker. Holton has been a freelance cameraman for Fox news, following Ret. Lt. Col. Oliver North on his travels as host of War Stories with Oliver North on the Fox […]

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