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Dr. Kelli Ward Runnin gor US Senate and Guest on the Gun Freedom Radio Show

Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward, former Arizona State Senator, and 2018 Candidate for US Senator. Dr. Ward earned her BS in psychology from Duke University, her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, and her master’s degree in public health from A.T. Still University. She lives in Lake Havasu City with her husband […]

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Cam Black 9.18.17

Cam Black

Cam Black demonstrates the importance of incorporating both mental and physical strength into Self-Defense Training. Cam is also a Brand Ambassador for 1776 United, Rockwell Watches, & Mike’s Monkey Fists. He grew up learning firearms from his father through hunting in west Tennessee. It wasn’t until he and his parents’ lives were threatened that he […]

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Chris Wagoner 1.14.17

Chris Wagoner

Chris Wagoner is a U.S. Army Veteran and 35+ year veteran Law Enforcement officer who is in charge of training at a large police academy in North Florida. He writes on subjects including Firearms Rights, Constitutional issues and law enforcement topics which have been published by Fox News,, and many more. Chris also […]

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Liz Lazarus 9.6.17

Liz Lazarus

Liz Lazarus is the author of Free of Malice, a psychological, legal thriller loosely based on her personal experience and a series of ‘what if’ questions that trace the after effects of a foiled attack; a woman healing and grappling with the legal system to acknowledge her right to self-defense. Liz was born in Valdosta, […]

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Paul Lathrop 08.03.16

Paul Lathrop

Paul Lathrop is the owner and co-executive producer of the Polite Society Podcast on the Self Defense Radio Network. Paul has had a lifelong familiarity with guns having grown up in Rural South Dakota and has most recently become deeply involved with the topic of self defense. His growing displeasure with the state of the […]

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