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Laura Carno

Laura Carno

Laura Carno is a political strategist setting straight the relationship between citizens and their government. She is the author of “Government Ruins Nearly Everything”, and founder of I Am Created Equal, and the FASTERColorado Charter. Laura has dedicated herself to setting straight the relationship between citizens and their government.  She is the founder of I […]

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Chris Wagoner 1.14.17

Chris Wagoner

Chris Wagoner is a U.S. Army Veteran and 35+ year veteran Law Enforcement officer who is in charge of training at a large police academy in North Florida. He writes on subjects including Firearms Rights, Constitutional issues and law enforcement topics which have been published by Fox News,, and many more. Chris also […]

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Scott Lavin 5.28.16

Scott Lavin of AZ Game & Fish Department

Scott Lavin – Wildlife Recreation Branch Chief, AZ Game and Fish Department As Wildlife Recreation Branch Chief at the AZGFD Scott develops outdoor recruitment and retention activities in Arizona that support but are not limited to hunting, fishing, shooting sports, archery and wildlife viewing. He Chairs the Steering Committee for the Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup. On the national […]

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Kevin Dixie 6.21.17

Kevin Dixie

Kevin Dixie is the owner-operator of No Other Choice Firearms Training (NOC) and the Founder of Aiming For The Truth, a 6-spoked approach to healing broken families and strengthening the community bonds of neighbors, to improve the lives of people in the cities and states of our nation. From Kevin: “I have spent the majority of my adult […]

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Dan Wos 4.1.17

Dan Wos

Dan Wos is the author of two books: Good Gun Bad Guy: Behind The Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical, and his latest edition, Good Gun Bad Guy: Destroying the Anti-Gun Narrative. Both of Dan’s books destroy the anti-gun Left and exposes all their lies and propaganda. Dan is an American entrepreneur, real estate investor, musician and […]

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